PHSE at the PharmacomItalia

Please join and visit us in the annual conference on pharmaceuticals logistics Pharmacom Italia which will be held in Rome on November the 21st and 22nd

PharmacomItalia is an Italian technical community of logistics experts, specialized in pharmaceutical products and is the first platform for sharing and exchange of ” good practices” in the end-to-end pharmaceutical logistics.

The scope of PharmacomItalia is to integrate the national pharmaceutical production with the suppliers of specialized logistics services to assure that the patient, wherever in Italy or anywhere else in the world, to be cared with medicines managed and transported with absolute guarantee of product integrity.

PharmacomItalia aims to feed reciprocal know-how, stimulate technical working groups, encourage reciprocal visits to production facilities or service platforms (airports, sea ports 2nd line warehouses), promote conforming qualification models in the logistics chain, work together to implement qualitatively superior logistics services models.

The reduction of the ” distance” between production and the qualified operators in the pharmaceutical logistics chain, in a context strictly national and technical, will offer the Italian pharmaceutical market the opportunity to evaluate with major awareness the new challenges and the highest objectives.